6 of the best things about being pregnant

While pregnancy has its tough moments, there are plenty of reasons you will relish this time in your life.

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It’s natural to be nervous about pregnancy, especially when everyone has a different story to share. Friends and relatives have probably told you all sorts of things about their own experiences with morning sickness, back pain and mood swings. Often, they can forget to mention the amazing things – like the VIP treatment you’ll receive from strangers, and what it’s like to feel your baby kick for the first time. 

Let’s celebrate those moments. Here are some of the main reasons you’ll love being pregnant.  

1. Your relationships will get stronger

Your parents, siblings and friends are going to be incredibly invested in your pregnancy journey. You’ll probably spend more time with your family than you did before as they help you decorate your home, buy all those newborn essentials and prepare for this huge change in your life. This will be a fantastic chance to bond over your shared excitement and learn new things about each other. Many of your friendships will also become more meaningful. Your friends with kids will be ecstatic to welcome you into an exclusive new club, and you’ll meet other soon-to-be parents through antenatal classes.  

Perhaps most importantly, you and your partner will find a whole new level of intimacy as you marvel over the new life you made together. Not only will you share a lot of the same fears and excitements about the future, but you’ll also discover the funnier, messier sides of pregnancy together. Epic pregnancy farts, pee accidents and unexpected bouts of vomiting tend to break down a lot of barriers in a relationship. 

2. You’ll enjoy a healthy glow

That healthy glow people talk about during pregnancy isn’t a movie myth – it’s real. Thanks to increased blood circulation and a surge of estrogen and progesterone, your skin can take on a radiant, rosy appearance as your pregnancy develops. Those extra hormones can also make your hair grow thicker and shinier and your nails grow faster and stronger than usual. Talk about unexpected benefits! 

3. You will be motivated to take better care of yourself

Let’s face it: life gets busy. It’s hard to eat well and exercise regularly all the time. In many ways, falling pregnant is the ultimate motivator, because you know your wellbeing affects your baby’s overall health. You have to eat a nutritional diet, start a geat exercise routine and take the right vitamins and minerals if you want to encourage your baby’s development and boost your own energy levels. The best thing about establishing these healthy habits over a nine-month period is that you will, in essence, retrain your brain. When your pregnancy is over, you’ll be far less likely to go back to your old ways.  

4. You’ll get plenty of special treatment 

Everyone is more considerate towards pregnant women. Strangers will give up their seats for you on public transport, let you skip to the front in public toilet queues, and offer to carry your groceries to your car. Friends and family will pamper you with gifts, and your partner will want to take away your discomfort and accommodate your cravings. Enjoy the attention while you can, because we all know who’s going to be the centre of the universe after your due date! 

5. You’ll have an excuse to put your feet up

One of the greatest things about pregnancy is that you have permission to nap during the day and no one will judge you. Your body needs rest to prepare for your baby’s growth, so get ready to savour those extra hours on the couch with a comfy pillow, a good book and the TV remote on standby. 

During these quiet moments you’ll have a lot of time to reflect on yourself and the changes happening in your body, so it’s likely you’re going to have more realistic and emotionally charged dreams than you did before. In fact, according to Psychology Today, up to 80% of women have particularly vivid dreams during pregnancy. Some people find this unexpected and disconcerting, but others find it comforting because they dream about things they’re excited about, like holding their baby for the first time, in startling detail and clarity. It’s one of the more weird and wonderful side-effects you may experience during pregnancy. 

6. You’ll feel your baby move for the first time

While all these pregnancy perks are something to look forward to, there’s nothing quite like feeling your baby move for the first time. This milestone moment – which feels like butterflies in your stomach, a rolling or a tiny kick – can happen around 18 weeks into your pregnancy, and will be an overpowering reminder that everything is real and you’re about to become a mum. Let yourself grin, tear up, cradle your belly and revel in the sheer joy of this experience, because you’re going to meet that tiny human very soon.   

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