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Building the foundation for a healthy pregnancy can begin long before you actually fall pregnant. Natalis is the pregnancy multivitamin formulated to help support your increased nutritional needs right across your motherhood journey – from pre-conception to pregnancy and breastfeeding. A mother’s nutrition levels play a key role in the health of her growing baby. Read more about nutrients for each vital stage.

Support for the wider community

Natalis has partnered with the Miracle Babies Foundation to support premature and sick new-borns. Every purchase of a Natalis product supports a family with a baby in NICU.
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Support for Australian Made

Natalis is proudly Australian Made, for all mums and babies. Natalis is produced by an Australian company and is carrying the certified Australian Made logo’

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Nutrients for each vital stage

A woman’s nutritional needs change as she tries to conceive, falls pregnant and begins breastfeeding. A supplement may be required to meet the increased daily requirements for key vitamins and minerals.


Folic acid supplements have been clinically proven to reduce the incidence of neural tube defects such as spina bifida.2 It is recommended women who are trying to conceive take a supplement for at least a month before trying to fall pregnant.1


During pregnancy, the recommended daily intake for key nutrients such as iron, folic acid and iodine can rise by at least 50 percent.4,5,6


Breastfeeding women have an elevated daily need for folic acid and iodine.4,5 Natalis is formulated to support women in achieving their increased nutritional requirements across their journey to motherhood.

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Help to meet your increased nutritional needs during conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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